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" As a professional football player, I am always trying to find a way to maximize my performance while minimizing injury risk. I've worked with a lot of massage specialists before but none of them has even compared to what Anthony has been able to do for my body. The increased flexibility and overall body wellness I have felt since working with him has been spectacular and the increased functional movement gains I am currently experiencing are through the roof. I am so thankful I got the opportunity to work with Anthony and it is something that I will definitely incorporate into my training routine for the rest of my career. For anyone out there, no matter what your needs may be, I encourage you to give Anthony a try. I guarantee that after the first session you will be hooked and the improvements you experience in your body will keep you coming back for more week in and week out. Thanks for all you have done for me Anthony and I look forward to continue to work with you for many years to come!" 

- Ekom Udofia, 8/1/2012 

" After 40 years of being in a highly stressful position, my muscles were nearly locked and movement of my neck greatly restricted.  I've been seeing Anthony for several months on a weekly basis and have experience significant improvement in the rotation of my head and neck. My muscles are responding this therapy and I now have much greater flexibility throughout my body. I highly recommend him as a muscle rehabilitator and sports therapist. "

- Greg, 2/1/2012  

While visiting good friends in Arizona my sciatica became inflamed. My friends introduced me to Anthony and I am now seeing him weekly. The relief I experienced after one treatment was very significant. I will continue to see him weekly until I have to return to Chicago. Anthony has wonderful hands, and is sensitive to the needs of the body. I highly recommend him if you are in pain or if you just want to wake your body up to a healthy,  relaxed, natural state.

- Karen

I have known Anthony for almost 3 years now,he come to our house and give us (me, my daughter and my son) treatments, he focused on the areas that i needed help. He always make me feel better and relief after my treatment.He is a HEAVEN sent to us.I highly recommend him. Thank you so much Anthony!

- Maribel from Mesa, AZ

I met Anthony when he was still at school. He started working on me and my family for over 2 years now. We get a treatment on him every month.  I feel relieved relieved every time he gives me a treatment. I highly recommend him because of his expertise.

- Gloria

Anthony gave me an excellent treatment. He focused on the areas I requested and provided just the right amount of pressure. I felt completely relaxed. Thank you, Anthony

- Barrie

Tony, Lara thank you so much for all the help you have given me with my pain. You two are amazing Therapists. You have helped me go from a 10 to a 1!!! Its amazing. Thanks again (:

- Jon

Tony is very compassionate about his job. He always makes me feel better after my every other week massage. I have chronic back pain and Tony's treatments are the only thing that gives me relief. I would highly recommend him

- Brenda

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